Calico Jack has been blogging under various pseudonyms for over three years. He likes to form strong opinions about everything imaginable, then debate anyone who is inclined to disagree. In his copious free time, he enjoys watching as many movies as he can get his hands on and reading even more books. He is a student at a non-prestigious university trying to graduate as soon as humanly possible. And much to the chagrin of his friends, he wears the grammar nazi label with pride.

Captain Morgan does not currently post on this blog anymore.

Edward Teach is somewhat of a blogging newbie, although he did run a previous blog for about a year. He is attending a private university this fall with designs at a musical career. Somewhat weak on the movie/TV side, he’ll let Calico and the Captain duke it out in that category and mainly stick to sharing his pithy opinions about music, pop culture and the like. Always a fan of more than “this is my life” posts, he will try to offer up something (mildly) insightful, from time to time. Mostly he’ll just argue with Calico.

Elizabeth Swann is the semi-invisible member of Ignorant Critics who prefers to read other people’s posts instead of writing her own. Stunningly beautiful, her lifelong dream is to be a model and actress, just like her namesake. Until that happens, she’s stuck writing on this dumb blog. Her interests include croaking on a karaoke machine, shopping for the best bargains, and checking out hot guys but never actually talking to them- which makes her boyfriend very happy. She’ll write about whatever she feels like at the moment, and hope it isn’t too boring.

Princess Sela is a long-time blogger and fashionista who frequently forms an alliance with her fellow pirate Captain Morgan against her arch-nemesis (and brother) Calico Jack. A veteran of the Facebook Poking Wars, she became addicted to the life of a pirate when she first saw sparkly jewelry and wanted it all to herself. Without a job or any inclination to get one, however, she decided that getting a boyfriend was the easiest way to live like a pirate and get things for free. She enjoys running, teaming up with Calico for euchre dominance, slow-dancing with her boyfriend, and sleeping.

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