June 21, 2008

Losing One’s Senses

Posted in Personal at 1:59 am by Calico Jack

I like to think of myself as someone rarely caught off guard, almost always able to think cogently regardless of whatever circumstances in which I might find myself. Occasionally, however, there will be a sensory trigger that flips a switch in my brain, promptly turning me into a mindless, quivering blob of jelly. This picture is one of them:

That image has been nothing but deleterious to me; I can scarcely remember to breathe, let alone use any of my higher brain functions. Every nervous system in my body has shut down, and all I can do is gaze rapturously upon such a vision.

One must surely require a piece of music to accompany the above picture. I’m partial to Francoeur’s Suite in G Minor: Contredanse but Bach’s Orchestral Suite No.4 in D Major: La Réjouissance also works quite wonderfully. Are there any other suggestions?


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