February 4, 2008

Artemis Eternal

Posted in Movies at 11:51 pm by Calico Jack

I’ve talked before about my friend Jessica Stover, how her commitment to excellence in Hollywood — something oft lacking in an era of sequels and endless remakes — has gathered passionate fans from all over the world to support her work. Now the website for her latest project is up and running, and I encourage everyone to check it out and financially contribute if able. Artemis Eternal is a short sci-fi film currently in preproduction, and — more importantly — is being financed independently. There is no Hollywood studio backing, no focus-grouped control over thematic elements, and no slavish adherence to the lowest common denominators in mainstream film. For many of us, that is reason enough to support Artemis Eternal; but I have something more: I know Jessica, and I believe in her work. I believe in her strongly enough to lend financial support to a film that I know nothing about, save the title. You might think this is blind faith, but it’s exactly the opposite. I’ve read Jessica’s blog for years, and I’ve talked to her quite a few times about Hollywood and about filmmaking. We’ve debated, discussed, and praised films, not only in a general sense but also their structure and coherence and writing and technique. And one thing has always been abundantly clear: Jessica Stover is an exceptional filmmaker.

So go check out Artemis Eternal‘s gorgeous website. Follow the timeline, and learn how a movie is created and made. And if you find that you believe as much as I and many others do, consider making a donation to this project, as you’ll be making a difference in the most literal of ways. Declare your support for a revolution in film. And, in Jessica’s own words,

“So forget everything you know about filmmaking, take a moment to examine your lifestyle and how much media and story you consume, think about what that means to you, give it all a moment…. And give it all up: All the years of marketing and E! News Live and red carpets and merchandizing and disappointing opening weekends and poor theater experiences. Give it up, walk with us and imagine the wider world that exists outside that conglomerate-controlled island.

This is the art of the possible.”

Are you in?

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  1. Of course. I’ve been in for years…


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