June 14, 2007

Britain’s Got Talent

Posted in Music at 5:43 pm by Calico Jack

Americans have the annoying habit of bastardizing nearly everything that comes out of the UK, especially when it comes to TV shows. (Coupling, anyone?) Rarely is an Americanized version able to hold its weight against the British original — The Office being the most prominent exception. And it’s almost unheard of to take a US export and turn it into something better.

Last summer the sporadically entertaining America’s Got Talent premiered to stellar ratings, reinforcing the notion that Americans can’t get enough of reality shows. And a week ago, the British version hit the airwaves — although if this clip is anything to go by, the Brits could be in for a far better show than we’re subjected to on this side of the pond:

Update: Paul Potts performed in the semifinals and….well, take a look for yourself.

Update x2: And we have a winner!


  1. Shay said,

    absolutely incredible

  2. Liana Merete said,

    oh lord my baby your driving me craz. Liana Merete.

  3. Horsa Amadeo said,

    oh we didn’t care,we made it very clea. Horsa Amadeo.

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