May 30, 2007

I’m Out of a Job

Posted in Movies at 11:27 am by Calico Jack

In lieu of a Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End review last week (busy Memorial Day weekend, not enough time), here is an excellent review of the film from Ryland Walker Knight at the House Next Door blog which matches my thoughts exactly — and does so in far more detail than I can afford to give. It’s probably the best review of this film that I’ve read, and it strikes at the heart of why so many critics dismiss the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy as disjointed, bloated nonsense:

The Caribbean world of Verbinski’s trilogy is, after the first film, one of constant shuffling, of tangential narrative ruptures: the world of the film, like the world we audience members live in, is chaotic. Of course, this Caribbean world is not the world we live in. In our world, there are no giant mythological squids or sea goddesses, but there are, however, pirates — and daily acts of piracy. And there are social dictums, social pacts, that we appropriate and reconstitute on an individual basis, to live with ourselves, to live with the world. The main thrust of this trilogy is that reckoning: How will we live in the world when our autonomous freedom is continually challenged?

Read the review in its entirety. Summer popcorn films, even the slapdash whiz-bang ones, can — and should — be treated on the same level as more “serious” films. But while it might wrong to hold all movies to the same objective standard, id est, Art with a Message; searching for something deeper within a glossy megablockbuster is a worthwhile goal. And Knight nails this one.


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  1. welshtrekker said,

    I disagree with the reference to POTC movies as ‘id est’, as simply i found the films to be complete and utter dribble. Its not great art at all, just consumer orientated nonsense driven by the need to fulfill basic entertainment desires. You would have to just enjoy flicking popcorn, talking about the weather and generally not really love a good script or care about one being forthcoming, to like the POTC films. Its too easy to use ‘id est’ to explain a comparison of the 3rd movie to modern day social problems like piracy and drawing references from that. The line, stating the ‘trilogy is that reckoning: how we live with the world when our autonomous freedom….’ was not a conscious reference in the minds of the script writer. Thats just the work of a very good critic who knows how to write an analysis of a movie, it was never what the script writers were thinking. The only saving grace amoungst the neanderthal storylines is Depp who is brilliant in the role….

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