May 24, 2007

You Want Me to Do What?

Posted in Books at 12:19 am by Calico Jack

I was sitting at the desk in the children’s department of the library, adding author labels to newly received books, when the phone rang:

“Children’s department. How may I help you?”

Yes, my son is doing a biography paper on Derek Jeter, and he needs some information about his life.”

“Well, we have a few biographies of Jeter checked in. Would you like me to put them on hold for you?”

The woman sounded rather disgruntled. “No, I just want you to give me the information over the phone. You know, read some facts about his life to me — where he grew up, how long he’s been playing baseball, that sort of thing.”

“I’m sorry; what would you like me to do?” I thought I wasn’t hearing her correctly.

Now she was definitely losing her self-control. “I want you to go get a book, flip through the pages, and tell me the important parts. You work in a library, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do, but we simply don’t have the time to do your work for you. What I can do is leave a few biographies of Jeter at the children’s desk, and you can come pick them up if you’d like. Could I have your last name?”

She mumbled something unintelligible, curtly told me to leave the books at the circulation desk, and hung up.

I hate lazy parents. If you’re so desperate for information that you don’t even want to spend the time going to the library, then go find a bloody computer and type in the magic phrase “Derek Jeter” into Google or Wikipedia. But that probably takes too much effort (or intelligence) for some.



  1. Shay said,

    I like your comment, lol. Good job 😉

  2. Kyle said,

    Geez, people these days. That parent had some nerve to ask that of you. Way to put her in her place! :p

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