March 17, 2007

Music Roundup

Posted in Music at 11:05 pm by Calico Jack

A few videos from bands whose CDs I’ve bought recently:

First up is the Scissor Sisters’ performance at the Brits last month. They were, by far, the highlight of the evening. “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” is the catchiest song I’ve heard in a long time; if it doesn’t get you moving I suspect your speakers must be turned off.

Next up is Pilot Speed, a Canadian band which deserves far more fame than it has received in the States. Their song “Barely Listening” is both melodic and haunting, and musically is miles beyond anything heard on Top-40.

There is a mild NSFW warning for the next video by the Fratellis, Scotland’s latest — and hottest — export. I downloaded their CD two months before it was released stateside, but I love this band so much I bought the physical copy after it hit stores last Tuesday. The Fratellis do garage sing-along barroom rock better than pretty much everybody else, as “Flathead” (which you may have heard on an iPod commercial) amply shows.

And finally, we have Lily Allen’s latest single “Alfie.” I’m a bit of a sucker for Britpop (yes, I know) but Lily Allen is quite different from groups like Girls Aloud or Sugababes. She sings sweetly while maintaining an air of jaded sarcasm and snark, which sounds disingenuous but is quite refreshing in today’s sugar-coated pop scene.

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