January 1, 2007

2006 in Review: The Very Best of a Mediocre Blog

Posted in Writing at 4:51 am by Calico Jack

We here at Ignorant Critics have had an interesting first six months in the life of this blog. And always being ones to set the trends instead of following them, we came up with the novel idea of compiling a list of the top posts that we had this year — not in terms of page views or number of comments, but instead using a complicated mathematical formula that involves much random counting and blind picking. Here is a chronological look back at some — well, all — of our highlights:

1. On the Fine Art of Man-Bashing. Edward Teach ruminates on the role of men and fathers in today’s culture.

2. World Cup Madness. Calico Jack goes on a caffeine-fueled rant about the boring sport of soccer.

3. Being a Better Boyfriend, Part 1 and Part 2. Elizabeth Swann gives excellent advice to guys looking to improve their relationships with their girlfriends. This quickly became one of our most popular posts, and even today we’re on the front page of Google for relationship advice about boyfriends.

4. Art, Entertainment, and a Quest. With all of the dreck that is released by movie studios pandering to the lowest common denominator, it’s time to bring back movies that function as art as well as entertainment. Jessica Stover is trying to do just that.

5. If Only Money Didn’t Matter. Princess Sela takes a look at the toys of the extremely wealthy.

6. Whom Do You Call? We keep in contact with each other through so many different mediums, but are we losing our genuine connections?

7. Applebee’s, Atrocious Food, and Automatic Gratuities. This rather long rant against poor service and mandatory tipping sparked quite a heated discussion in the comments. I had to delete over a dozen comments for being full of insults and profanity, and the ones which remain still show how passionately people argue over food.

8. Quality Dates Quality. When a narcissistic, egotistical woman declares to the entire world that the vast majority of men are not worthy to even be in her presence, let alone ever consider dating her, Calico Jack diales up the Snark-‘O-Meter to full and lets loose.

9. Survivor: Race to the Finish. Captain Morgan discusses the thorny issue of race relations as viewed through the prism of reality TV.

10. Literacy Matters. After seeing a mother deny her child the opportunity to read, Calico Jack ponders the effect of parents who do not care enough to spend quality time with their children.

Even with the highlights listed, we encourage you to take a look at the archives and browse around. We have all kinds of interesting things there: addicting internet games, music videos, Japanese game shows, and even discussions about topics ranging from the “coffee shop look” to Australian beauty queens. Everything is conveniently sorted by topic on your right (or, if you’re using Internet Explorer’s broken way of viewing web pages, on the bottom of the page), so enjoy! And if you are so inclined, subscribe to our RSS feed for automatic updates. Happy New Year!


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