December 19, 2006

Advice for the Panicked Shopper

Posted in Writing at 5:18 pm by Calico Jack

I was fortunate enough to discover the writing genius of James Lileks over a year ago, and he instantly became one of my daily must-reads in my Bloglines list. Lileks is a daily humor columnist for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, as well as writing his own very popular blog, where he literally makes me laugh out loud almost every single day, such as this line from today’s entry:

[I’m] still jazzed from 24 season 5 (It’s President Twitchy McNixon vs the Terrorists From The Unnamed Homeland!)

His “Daily Quirk” Star-Tribune column is also a regular source of hearty laughs. Sunday’s Quirk provided advice to men searching for last-minute gifts for their wives and familes:

Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday this year, so you can forget about the delivery truck showing up to save the day. If you are a bad husband, you will run to the mall, NOW. First, some lingerie from the Victoria’s Secret Early 20th-Century Prostitute Collection (or the shapeless loungewear from the Not Tonight Collection, if you wish), then the department store for a faux-fur-handled electric windshield scraper. She’ll need an extension cord for that — hey, three gifts already!

And that’s only the first paragraph. Add Lileks to your RSS reader; he’s funnier than just about every other columnist writing today.

Update: Lileks does it again.

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