August 8, 2006

If Only Money Didn’t Matter…

Posted in Fashion, Food, Random Oddments, Technology at 12:47 pm by Princess Sela

Ever sit around thinking about all of the nifty things you could have if money didn’t matter? Well this post is dedicated to those moments of happiness. This is a list of the top ten “things” I would love to have if money didn’t matter.

Number 1: My very own private island. This 1 acre slice of heaven is located just off the coast of Australia on the Great Barrier Reef. For a meager $1.2 million you can live a life of luxury which includes a private jet strip, 4 homes on the island, and a weekly mail plane.

Hick's Island

Number 2: Now, what girl wouldn’t want to be the princess of her very own castle! That’s right, for about $365,000 US dollars you can own your very own South African Castle. It’s just minutes from the air port, racing stables, and beaches. The castle sits right on the edge of a lake perfect for fly-fishing (not my favorite “sport”, but I’ll take it if I get my own castle).

South African Castle

Number 3: Pretty and expensive cars are always nice too. Let’s go with the 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet Porsche. 2+2 seater convertible, 6 cylinders, rear engine, 0-60 in 4.7 seconds, track speed 179 mph, all for $98,600.


Number 4: This one is for all the locals out there, a lifetime supply of Dietsch‘s ice cream. I’m not sure the exact money value; however, I’m sure it’s a bunch.

Number 5: Being the fashion loving gal that I am, I am extremely attracted to anything sparkly and expensive…just ask any of my guy friends…better yet, my boyfriend. It’s quite impressive actually, the special ability that I have to say, “ooh, I want that!” and then later discover it’s unreasonably priced. Anyway, this leads me to my love of the Tiffany & Co. Bubbles collection. Though simplistic in style, this beautiful bracelet is priced at $9,000.

Tiffany & Co.

Number 6: As a private university student, I appreciate the “value” of an education, even if it is priced at over $36,000 a year. But what if money didn’t matter and I could attend the most expensive college in the nation. Well, then I’d be attending George Washington University located 4 blocks from the White House. Yearly tuition is a staggering $36,400 excluding costs for room, board, and “attendance” (whatever that means). The university’s tuition recently had a 7.0% increase between 2005-2006. But gosh darn it…..they’re next to all the action.

Well, that’s all I had time for at the moment. Stay tuned for the rest of my list in future posts!

Captain Morgan adds: Good post!





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