July 23, 2006

The Fountain

Posted in Movies at 8:21 pm by Calico Jack

I think the trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain is a good example of what I talked about in my previous post. Rarely do we see movies that aspire to be something more than the sum of their parts. Unfortunately, many films are both pretentious and overwrought, as if by striving to make a point the creators feel the need to bludgeon the audience over the head with their symbolism. They sacrifice storytelling and pacing (and in the process, entertainment) for their “art.”

Having seen the trailer for The Fountain, however, I must say that this movie could be what many of us have been waiting for all year. I’ve watched the trailer half a dozen times in the past two days; the last time I did that was for The Phantom Menace back in 1998…and that movie turned out to be a big disappointment. But The Fountain has some of the most beautiful, breathtaking images I’ve seen in a very long time; I can’t stop watching. And it’s only a two-minute trailer, no less. With a reported running time of only an hour and a half, this movie shouldn’t have any pacing issues.

I haven’t provided a synopsis of the film, because I think it’s best simply to watch the trailer without any foreknowledge. I strongly recommend that you view the high-definition version of the trailer, as squinting at a little box on the computer screen will definitely ruin the experience. Take my word for it; even if The Fountain ends up disappointing audiences, especially after such an unbelievable trailer, it will still be one of the most interesting films of the fall.

You can view the trailer here. What are you waiting for? As an added bonus, here are two other recently-released trailers that I have found intriguing: The Prestige and Children of Men.


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  1. JM said,

    I, too, have been waiting for this one.

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