July 15, 2006

Jessica Simpson’s artistic side- no, really!

Posted in Celebrities, Music, News at 7:13 pm by Calico Jack

I never thought I would be writing about Jessica Simpson on here. But alas, she is a major part of pop culture; and her latest publicity stunt demands that I devote a paragraph or two to her–or, more accurately, to her “music.”

I’m sure I’ll be getting hate mail from Jessica fans after this, but I honestly think Jessica is one of the most processed pop singers today. Everything she does is carefully designed to promote an image. Yes, Britney Spears competes with her for the media’s attention, but Jessica does it better. Now her latest single “A Public Affair” has hit the airwaves, and unfortunately (haha) it isn’t being well-received by the public. So what must a pop singer seeking to reconnect with her multitudes of adoring fans do?

She personalizes her single, of course! Starting on Tuesday, gullible fans will be able to purchase and download a customized version of “A Public Affair.” Simply choose from a list of over 500 common first names, and Jessica (well, someone who sounds like her) will sing, speak, warble, or screech your name three different times in the song, making it truly soulless. Don’t have a common first name? Just wait a few weeks for the Powers that Be to approve your request, and you’ll have your very own custom single…from Jessica!

Personally speaking, I can’t tell you how happy I am that a major pop singer has finally decided to become so individual with her audience. I’ve always wanted to feel close to a singer, and here’s my opportunity! Every time I listen to her say my name on the single, I’ll think about the connection that she and I share. This is the best idea ever!



  1. I happen to like Jessica Simpson, but this whole name adding thing is totally ridiculous and pointless. I had to laugh out loud when I actually heard about it. I hope not too many people fall for this publicity stunt. I really don’t get the whole point to it, but I’m sure there are many people out there who think it would be pretty cool to have their name in a dumb song, even if it isn’t the singer herself sexily saying their name.

  2. Jasmine said,

    I hate Jessica Simpsons. As long as I am concerned she is a foolish woman with a dog face…Look at her face closely it’s really doggy!!!

  3. butty said,

    Jessica looks so much like a man with a hair and a womans body. It’s like she works out on her face.She is also a copy cat star!!!Boooo to Jessica.

  4. Noel said,

    You would be amazed to know the popularity of Jessica Simpson on the Web…
    She is ranked as 36th. Musician and 91th. Celebrity on the internet.
    In the music category she is behind Celion Dion but ahead of Nelly Furtado and others… did you know that?
    The site also monitors her popularity dynamically and it has been falling and growing since last week.

  5. Abel said,

    With her startling disclosure, Jessica Simpson has again caught the attention of paparazzi. She said – she was banned from singing at congregations in
    the church as she was considered too sexy to sing Christian music. Enough is enough – Jessica Simpson. We must be ready to get another sizzling aspect of
    Jessica Simpson. Let she cook up her own story.

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