July 3, 2006

Fashion Police

Posted in Fashion at 3:23 pm by Elizabeth Swann

Many of you may have seen what are supposedly the new fashions for women for the autumn. These new statements consist of leggings under a short skirt, the comeback of skinny jeans, wool dresses, and longer shirts that reach the thighs. While I am open to the latter one, I am particularly wary of the first three. The leggings, for starters, reminds me of those hideous stirrup pants I wore in the fourth grade. I had this one pair with bright colors and geometric shapes; as you can tell, I was not fashion-savvy then. But now I can say I definitely have better taste, and I don’t go by what London or New York says is the new “in style.” I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing those leggings. I mean, if I’m going to wear a short skirt, I’m going to show off my legs and not hide them under black pants.

Now for the skinny jeans (a.k.a. non-flares), these are supposedly coming back so women can show off their fancy, expensive sandals or boots and their long, slender legs; but not every woman has that same “ideal” shape. Flares give the overall appearance of added length and slimness, and they are much freer around the ankle. If I ever hear that flares will be taken off the shelves, I’m going to go out and stock up on them.

I have little to stay about the wool dresses, other than that they look like pea coats and something one’s grandmother would wear. I’m sure I might get used to some of the newer fashions–they tend to grow on me. I remember when flares first came out, I was rather unsure of them; now I can’t even imagine not ever wearing them.

While some shirts may be too long, they may still be a comfort for a girl who is insecure with showing her stomach. For me, I get tired of wearing the low-rise jeans and then wearing a shirt that isn’t long enough. Guys may like seeing that midriff; but trust me, when bending over, a backside crack is not attractive. So I am all for the long shirts; it’s about time our society came out with something modest and fashionable.

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  1. Tara said,

    I really hate those skinny leg jeans. I doubt there’s a single model who could pull them off and make them look good.

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