July 1, 2006

Around the internet

Posted in Movies, News, Random Oddments at 10:42 pm by Calico Jack

The summer box office is in full swing, and we’re in the midst of several of the most anticipated movies of the year (Superman Returns and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.) Courtesy of The Digital Bits, here is an excellent article on how to watch a summer movie at the theater. It’s more complicated than you might realize…Also, the Pirates vs. Superman showdown is expected to be the biggest of the summer. Rotten Tomatoes has an in-depth look at which movie is more likely to win over audiences and their money.

I’ve always thought that chameleons were the coolest of the lizard relatives because of their color-changing ability. Scientists in Borneo announced this week that they have discovered a new species of snake that can also change its skin color. The Kapuas Mud Snake can not only shift colors, it’s also venemous. How cool is that? Or scary, depending on how you want to look at it.

Want to expand your vocabulary? Here is a list of “lost words” in the English language; they were once standard English but are no longer in our lexicon. I can’t wait to start using words like “celeripedean,” “gelicide,” ” sevidical,” or ” prandicle.” Pretty soon, everyone will be using them! Or maybe not. Still, it’s quite a list; and definitions are provided for all of the words.

Are men more generous than women? The answer might surprise you.

Remember, next Friday is the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. All of us at Ignorant Critics are big fans of the first movie, and we can’t wait to see the sequel. Get your tickets soon; this is going to be a big opening.


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