June 29, 2006

Wimbledon’s women

Posted in Sports at 2:23 pm by Calico Jack

(Maria Sharapova at this year’s Wimbledon, wearing an approved outfit.)

Faced with growing concerns about the increasingly revealing attire worn by some female players, Wimbledon is cracking down on their dress code this year. Gone are the low-cut tops and billowy dresses that display more than the tournament organizers would like. This year, the penalty for improper attire could be as strong as a default; that’s pretty severe. Also included in the category of “unsuitable” is clothing that carries sponsors’ logos larger than four inches square. But bare midriffs are acceptable…go figure.

The most important rule at Wimbledon still holds, however: woe to the person who shows up dressed in anything but white. The organizers would be pretty upset with Maria if she walked on court wearing this:

Elizabeth Swann adds: I’m glad they’re finally cracking down on the dress code. The idea of a tennis match is to watch girls play tennis and not flaunt their stuff, which may be a distraction for some. I guess white is the traditional uniform for Wimbledon, but I happen to like colorful outfits.

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  1. Ben Shapiro said,

    Cant see the top pic, the one above sharapova in a pink dress

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