June 29, 2006

The Look of….Coffee?

Posted in Personal, Random Oddments at 10:03 pm by Captain Morgan

We all do it. I do it. You do it. Your friends do it.

I call it the “Coffee Shop Look”.

As soon as you walk into your local coffee shop, you do a quick visual sweep to see if you know anyone there. On the flip side, when you’re sitting with friends enjoying your $3 coffee, as soon as you hear the door open, you look to see if it’s someone you know.

Perhaps I’m just a weird freak, but I do the same visual sweep everywhere I go. The airport, the doctor’s office, Wal-Mart, everywhere.

Where does this desire to know our surroundings come from? Is it rooted in some survivor defense mechanism? Thoughts? Comments?

Calico Jack adds: I know for me, I only use the look at the coffee shop and not when I’m out running errands. I think it’s because I’m more likely to run into people I know when I’m there than if I’m making my way through Target. And $3 for a coffee? Ouch.

Princess Sela adds: For me it’s the same as Calico Jack. I only look at the door when in a coffee shop, but it’s funny how I can’t resist looking at whoever walks in. Curiosity I suppose.


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