June 25, 2006

Movie Review: Nacho Libre

Posted in Movies at 9:07 pm by Captain Morgan

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I’ll admit it. My friends and I have been laughing at the Nacho Libre trailers for a while now. We can even pretty much quote them word for word. Our fake Mexican accents have been improving. But we still laugh at those trailers.

Because of that, I brought high expectations with me when I saw the movie. Maybe a little bit too high. Don’t get me wrong, though. The movie is good. But when you have dreams of riding the Titanic only to find out you’ll be on a tugboat, it dampens your mood.

There are funny lines in Nacho Libre. Lots of them. And for most of them, I laughed. In my head. There was only one scene that had me laughing until I started to cry.

The movie does have a nice moral meaning to it. Themes of friendship and fighting for what is right abound. As well as being true to yourself and not letting people get you down. As Nacho Libre is rated PG, it was nice to not be assaulted by curse words or gratuitous sex. Granted, with Jack Black as the lead, thank God there were no sex scenes.

I do think that, as with Napoleon Dynamite, this movie probably will be funnier the second time you see it. The movie doesn’t take itself too seriously, and neither should we, the audience.

All in all, I give Nacho Libre a B+.


  1. brandi said,

    your crazy im not talking to you right now
    i dont belive in god i belive in sience
    i ate some bugs i hate some grass i wipe the tears with my hands
    get dat corn outa my face
    thats all i have to say!!!

  2. rachel said,

    cell bands are dead

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