June 12, 2006

The Karate Clerks

Posted in Random Oddments at 12:50 pm by Captain Morgan

I saw this article from Yahoo! News. This is ridiculous! A guy tries to rob a store, then sues the employees after they go all Tonya Harding on him. Apparently he feels he suffered emotional distress. His lawyer is claiming that once his client ran from the store, he no longer posed a threat to the employees. Therefore they had no basis to exit the store and pursue his client.

To be honest, I can see both sides. It's one thing to beat him down while he's still in the store, but to chase him and beat him some more? I don't know if that's right. However, I'm all for people protecting themselves and not backing down. Sounds like these guys were watching Clerks and The Karate Kid on their breaks.

What do you guys think?


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  1. rachel said,

    the cell band lost its signal, i didnt get thru

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