June 6, 2006

List of Demands

Posted in Celebrities at 10:26 pm by Captain Morgan

I've noticed a trend lately in celebrity news. Everyone is demanding things.
Check out this story about Lindsay Lohan demanding an apology and a donation to charity from some guy who talked smack about her. If everyone who talked smack about Lindsay had to donate to charity, those kids in Africa wouldn't be hungry anymore.

Lindsay's not the only culprit. A couple months ago, stories like this one were all over the Net, demanding a disclaimer be put at the end of The Da Vinci Code so as not to make the Catholic Church look bad. Sorry to say it, but I'm pretty sure the perverted priests are doing a better job of hurting the Catholic Church's image than a fictional book.

I wouldn't have a problem if all these were worded as requests. But to use "demand"? You better have some power and authority to back up that strong of language. I'm pretty sure Lindsay doesn't. The only power and authority she has is over her dealer.

Oops! Now I've got to feed some hungry Africans.

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  1. Calico Jack said,

    This is why I’ll mostly be leaving celebrity commentary to you. I think Hollywood is a big cesspool, and if I were to write about all of the stupidity that goes on I think I’d end up wearing myself out through continuous ranting.

    I will say, however, that a bright spot is Brangelina’s donating to charity all proceeds from selling their baby pictures. The African hospitals will be able to do wonderful things with the millions they receive.

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