June 6, 2006

Life is precious…

Posted in Personal, Relationships at 10:12 pm by Calico Jack

I just found out from a friend that two fellow students were killed in a murder-suicide this past weekend. The couple had been together for over three years, and from all appearances were quite happily together. Apparently they got into a dispute, and the boyfriend left the apartment before coming back with a gun. He shot his girlfriend seven times before turning the gun on himself.

Our local newspapers are covering the story, but I’m not going to provide a link; tragedies such as this don’t need to be exploited. I didn’t know either of the students, but that in no way lessens the shock that I’m feeling right now. However, it didn’t hit home for me until I went on Facebook and looked at their profiles. They were both 21; the girl had celebrated her birthday fewer than ten days ago. She worked at Bed, Bath and Beyond; she liked the Cleveland Indians; and she was majoring in marketing.

Under the boy’s profile, he listed “shooting” as one of his interests.

It is strange to be a voyeur, to look at the summaries of two lives and know that they are no longer a part of this world. To most people who hear about this story, they are simply two faceless entries in the long litany of young people whose lives have been tragically cut short. But reading their profiles truly makes one realize that they are two people, each with their own friends and family. They had AIM screen names and favorite movies and workplaces. They went to college and hung out with their friends. They lived…and now they do not.

Life is ever so fragile. Don’t take it for granted.


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  1. No smart people are going to read my posts if you keep using words like “litany”. 🙂

    That’s a creepy story.

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